Four solutions put in place for one project.

The 4 solutions we are considering involve different technologies:

Predictive model

The first consists in predicting the periods during which fish migrate downstream. This involves a new strategy for the operation of hydroelectric dams, considering the migration intensity of fish.

The second solution consists in the installation of repellent screens guiding the fish migration to the adequate channels.

Behavioral barrier for Grands-Malades powerplant
Installation of a migration outlet

The third solution is the installation of a migration outlet, allowing the individuals to go around the facilities.

The fourth and last solution, which is not included in the scope of the Life programme but is intrinsically linked to our project, is the installation of a new type of turbine, a so-called environmentally sustainable turbine. This turbine should enable us to further reduce our impact on fish fauna without jeopardising our energy production.

New eco-turbines for Monsin powerplant