Discover on this page the main stages of the project, from the first study phases to today.

From 2010

Impact and behavioral studies at the Lixhe power plant

December 2013

New permits received for Monsin and Ivoz-Ramet

September 2015

First submission to the Life Fund

July 2016

Decision: EDF Luminus Life4Fish Phase 1 on our CAPEX

September 2016

Second submission to the Life Fund

October 2016

Impact study in Andenne

November 2016

Permit issued for 20 years at Grands-Malades

From March 2017 to January 2018

Impact and behavioral studies at the Monsin and Grands-Malades power plant

October 2017

Life4Fish Project Phase 2 begins


Development of fishing capacity for the constitution and characterization of stocks


Modeling of passages through Ivoz-Ramet and Grands-Malades hydraulic works

February 2019

Downstream Migration Dynamics and Model for Eel and Salmon

August 2019

Installation of the first eel barrier for Grands-Malades

September 2019

Installation of the Ivoz-Ramet bubble barrier

October 2019 – February 2020

Test of the Andenne downstream migration model


Monitoring the downstream migration of eels in 2020-2021 and Salmon in 2021. Last salmon monitoring expected in 2023.

September-December 2020

Construction of an outlet for smolts in the Grands Malades area.

October 2020

Installation of a second salmon barrier Grand Malades

November 2020

Commissioning of Monsin fish-friendly turbines


Widespread deployment of protection éléments

January 2021

New Life4Fish website


Installation of more fish-friendly turbines in Ivoz-Ramet


Installation of fish-friendly turbines Grands-Malades